Dr. Shrikant

Dr. Shrikant

What to say???. Could not find words.
Just want to tell you that , I came blind and going from here with a Vision.
Vision  of suppression, vision of follow-up .
I am very lucky  that I got this rigth way of  practicing Homoeopathy. After coming here thats Predictive Homoeopathy.
I am very much thankfull to my guru Dr. Prafull Vijayakar sir , who give me strength in my legs to stand firm and walk ahead , And made me a small part of Predictive Family.

I thank to all my respective panels Dr. Amit Sir , Dr. Nishant Sir , Dr. Lata Mam , Dr. Dhiraj Sir , Dr. Tanmay Sir , Dr. Hema Mam , Dr. Rakesh Sir , Dr. Kshiteej Sir , Dr. Smital Mam .

Under the guidence of all these teachers I can do well in my life. And to give relief and cure to the sick peoples.

Will be my greatest achievement.

Thank You….!