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    Our great Master, Dr Samuel Hahnemann from germany, an MD physician, discovered this science 200 years ago, as an alternative to conventional science which for years has not been able to cure or eradicate any chronic disease that has plagued mankind from times immemorial. Man has suffered from illnesses that never leave him.

    Once an asthmatic always an asthmatic. Once a diabetic always a diabetic. Once a hypertensive always a hypertensive. Once an individual suffers from thyroid or psoriasis or arthritis or heart problem, he is always a patient dependent on controlling medicine throughout his life. The number and types of medicine consumed by a patient always go on increasing as also the number of illnesses he has to cope with. In this sad state of affairs in human health and medicine it was Dr Hahnemann who provided a ray of hope to the suffering mankind. He discovered this new science that could eradicate most if not all these illnesses, if practiced properly.

    Hahnemann had himself promised this science to be of mathematical certainty. But to this date various tumors, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, manias, schizophrenias or even ordinary cases of hypertension are not within the scope of curability of many homoeopathic practitioners. But that’s the differentiating point for Predictive Homoeopathy as we have been effectively dealing with such cases for more than 40 years !

    The laws and principles on which allopathy and homoeopathy are poles apart, in fact exactly opposite. The conventional allopathic treatments insists on diagnosing an illness or disease and accordingly try and treat symptoms like bringing down blood pressure or blood sugar or cholesterol, or increase what is deficient and decrease the levels of whatever is in excess. All this not withstanding of the cause which may be at the genetic level. Thus it finds it convenient to treat the end result without treatment of the cause! This is what Dr Hahnemann called as Treating The Disease In Man. But Hahnemann insisted that if the illness was to be eradicated and recurrence to be stopped one should treat the MAN IN DISEASE and not the disease in man. He thus formed a method of treatment wherein importance had to be paid to Genetic Traits of a patient thus incorporating Mental as well as Physical make-up of the patient that make up a man and are directly or indirectly responsible for the patients illness. To this he added that if at all a disease has to be cured, the order of disappearance of symptoms will always follow a pattern that can be gauged by a compass called LAW of CURE.