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Predictive Homoeopathy is not different Homoeopathy. This is a school that teaches Hahnemannian Homoeopathy with application of advances made by modern science.By these applications we can understand Hahnemann’s principles better and practice becomes easy and almost mathematical. This is a methodology that creates confidence in the young homoeopaths and helps them to gain confidence in themselves and that too, early. It has helped many new homoeopaths to settle down early and has given them the confidence to handle complicated cases with ease.

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Treatment with Predictive Homoeopathy is just a click away. With our unique online patient history questionnaire tool and prompt consultation by our esteemed senior doctors, you can now avail the services anywhere in the world. Online consultation is open for registered patients and new cases.

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You’re just a click away to transform your life with treatments at Predictive Homoeopathy. For instant and easy appointment placement, you can now place your appointment online and get assistance from your nearby Predictive Homoeopathy clinic.

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Whether a practitioner or a student of Homoeopathy, you can buy books authored by the Legend himself. Books ranging from Theory of Suppression to Genetic Code of Homoeopathy are guaranteed to provide you with the clarity of knowledge and confidence in practice. Free shipping.

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Predictive Homoeopathy, today, has clinics all over.

  • Maharastra
  • Punjab
  • Gujarat
  • Goa

Upcoming Events

Module 1 (Varanasi)

Module 1 of Predictive Homoeopathy to be conducted in Varanasi. Click to know more.

Module 1 (Mumbai)

Module 1 of Predictive Homoeopathy to be conducted in Mumbai. Click to know more.

CCPH 6th Batch

The 6th batch of the certified training course of Dr. Prafull Vijayakar’s Predictive Homoeopathy for students and interns all over India commences on 5th July 2015 .It is a full time course with emphasis given to Practical training.

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Treating Incurables

  • Autism
  • Genetic Mutation
  • Learning Disorder
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson
  • Psoriasis

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